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This is The Empire Never Ended, the Antifascist Amerikanski-Balkan podcast about (neo) fascist terror, the (deep) state and the alienation, nihilism and desperation produced by the capitalist system. And how to get rid of all that.

Something like that...

A weekly podcast hosted by Boris Mamlëz, Fritz McAlinden and Rey Katula.

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May 16, 2022

Fritz adds Nazi sci-fi to TENE's god-awful fash fic library. Lauded as the white nationalist's 1984, Hold Back This Day is a perfect representative of the laughably bad genre of fascist dystopian fiction. 

Music Credit:
David Fesliyan: Heaven, Please Don't Cry, World in Trouble, Fear, Simplicity, Solar Savior, and This Pain Will Pass
Steve Oxen: In The Moment
Closing song: Đogani - "Idemo na Mars"

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